AAPC Weston Chapter Annual Seminar

Our Approach

The regulatory environment in healthcare continues to change, sometimes hour to hour!

It is important that you partner with an expert that has the ability to break down the regulations to make the common sense connection easy to understand and applicable to your practice.

Our Story

RKAsh Consulting Associates, Inc. officially went into business in September 2017.

Although the business is new, the experience and knowledge base is not. The foundation for this endeavor was laid in 1980 when I started working clinically in physician practices.

Since that time I have expanded my knowledge base as well as my experience to include the Revenue Cycle, Compliance and Documentation Improvement.

With a degree in Business Administration, and certifications in Coding, Compliance, and Auditing I am uniquely poised to be the expert you're looking for.


Comprehensive Compliance Review

  • Includes a comprehensive review of any existing Compliance plan and the completion of an audit to¬† fulfill the on going monitoring requirement of the internal Compliance Program;
    • This review looks at the accuracy of code assignment (CPT/ICD-10);
    • Documentation support / completness for reported services;
    • Assessment of reimbursement based on contractual obligations/rates, EOB analysis of services provided;
    • Annual educational sessions focusing on
      • issues identified within the annual audit;
      • overview of proper documentation;
  • This review includes a written report and analysis points that can be reviewed with the practice in-depth to discuss the findings and any necessary corrective action plan(s).

Practice Review

This service is a comprehensive review of processes, patient and information flow to optimize the operational efficiencies with a focus on Compliance and Accurate reporting of services. Included in this service are:

  • A forms assessment of clinical and front office forms (Intake forms, consent forms, privacy notices, documentation templates, order sets, etc.).
  • Review of policy and procedures including the creation of any policies or procedures where gaps are identified.

A written analysis report outlining identified risk areas and suggested corrective action plan(s).


Annual monitoring is recommended for all practices on an individual provider basis to meet the criteria outlined in the Federal Register outlining the guidelines from the Office of Inspector General Compliance Program for Individual and Small Group Physician Practices.

Additionally these services may also be initiated due to a third party review/request for medical records or to an identified risk area by the practice.


Our Approach

Our Story