Expert Witness Services

Understanding correct coding and how to articulate the concepts involved takes an experienced coder who can explain how the code sets are put together and what the correct reporting for those services are. RKAsh Consulting Associates provides expert witness services in a timely and accurate manner.

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Auditing often has negative connotations within the Healthcare industry due to the perceived punitive nature of the findings. However, a solid auditing program can alert you to documentation habits that may not reflect the great care provided, or highlight areas that need to be addressed through education to strengthen the claim process.

Auditing documentation annually, when issues arise, or in the face of a third party audit can be a daunting task, let RKAsh Consulting Associates take the mystery and stress out of these activities.

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Provider Education

Provider documentation education can be a tool in your toolbox that has several desired outcomes for your practice.

  1. Documentation education can be a useful tool for growing practices in the on-boarding process for new clinicians to set the expectations as they join your team.
  2. Consistency in capturing necessary data elements for procedural services can minimize the opportunities for diminished support for services provided.
  3. By creating an environment of consistency and good documentation habits your charge capture stabilizes and the recognized revenue is more secure from take backs due to lacking documentation

All this adds up to peace of mind when third parties are looking at your practice habits of supporting the care provided and reporting of that care.

Let us assist your team in knowing the essentials for compliant and complete documentation of their services,  in a practical and approachable manner to meet the regulatory criteria in a way that fits into your day-to-day practice.

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Compliance programs are designed to be a proactive approach to detecting and preventing fraud, waste and abuse in the healthcare setting.

These criterion are specific to the type of organization and sector of the healthcare industry in which they are involved.

RKAsh Consulting Associates is here to assist you and your team in meeting the regulatory requirements for your Compliance Program.

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